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Mental First Aid Course

Course Name

MHFA – Mental Health First Aid

Course Cost

$189 (may vary)

Course Duration​

12 Hours (2 Days) – Options Available

Is the course accredited?

Yes (Accredited by MHFA Australia)

Does the course meet workplace requirements?


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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) encompasses the full range of support available for individuals impacted by a mental health crisis. Upon successful completion of a Mental Health First Aid training course, students are awarded with a certification indicating their skill in identifying signs of mental health issues, and their ability to intervene effectively.

When thinking of first aid courses, mental health may not be something which comes to mind. Mental health might not even seem applicable to first aid. The concept of first aid commonly evokes thoughts of addressing physical injuries, so needless to say, mental health first aid diverges significantly from this approach. However, they remain offering assistance to individuals in distress until they can access professional help.

Our accredited Mental Health First Aid certification holds recognition that reaches far beyond the Sunshine Coast and encompasses all of Australia. This makes it an ideal credential for individuals in or aspiring to roles such as counsellors, social workers, or support workers. Nevertheless, a mental health certification holds value for all individuals, as every workplace can stand to benefit from having a designated mental health officer.

Upon successful completion of our program, participants will be granted a Mental Health First Aid Certificate along with Mental Health First Aid Australia’s instruction guide which they get to keep

What Is a Mental Health First Aid Certificate?

Around 50% of people on the Sunshine Coast will encounter mental health challenges at some stage in their lives. They may affect you, a colleague, or a loved one. Unfortunately, many of these individuals are unlikely to seek help unless encouraged to do so, often because they don’t realise they need help. 

By enrolling in one of our mental health first aid training courses, you will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to offer support to those in distress. You will learn to identify signs of a mental health crisis, provide initial aid and support, and offer valuable information on accessing professional help. Our course integrates theoretical study, hands-on training, individual and group exercises, and a final assessment to ensure all participants are well-prepared to address a variety of mental health crises and scenarios.

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Mental Health First Aid Course Content

Our curriculum is based on content and research endorsed by Mental Health First Aid Australia, ensuring comprehensive coverage of mental health aid. This means our course encompasses a range of key elements relating to mental health, such as recognising a mental health crisis, strategising and intervening to aid the individual, offering emotional support, and guiding them towards accessing pertinent information to seek professional help effectively.

Learning Outcomes

Mental Health Conditions & Scenarios

Course Delivery

Our mental health first aid course is delivered across a total of 12 hours. This course is conducted over 2 days with a 6 hour training session on each day.

Upon successful completion of this course, all participants will be awarded a MHFA Mental Health First Aid Certificate of Completion. Students will also receive a copy of the Mental Health First Aid Manual to take home with them.

Enrolment & Eligibility

Our mental health first aid course is open to anyone aged 18 years or older. There are no prior academic requirements, work experience, or preparation required to attend.

All students need a basic understanding of written and verbal English to engage with the course materials. It also helps to have compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to help people in need during times of crisis.

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Enquire About Mental Health First Aid Course

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mental Health First Aid qualification doesn’t necessarily lead directly to specific careers and can be effectively used in a variety of professional fields. However, having this qualification might make you more appealing for roles where dealing with people, especially vulnerable individuals, is a key part of the job. A few careers to which such a qualification is most beneficial include:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • School Counselor/Teacher
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Emergency Service Personnel
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Support Worker
  • Community Outreach Worker

No. While this twelve-hour course might be time-consuming to some people, this does not translate to difficulty. Our mental health first aid courses are designed to be both thorough and easy to comprehend.

That said, while the course itself is not generally considered to be difficult, performing the task of administering mental health first aid can be challenging to some. A mental health crisis can be an extremely confronting thing to witness.

However, it is easier to recognise a mental health crisis and know how to respond than it is to see one and feel helpless and not know what to do.

There are several other qualifications we offer that work well alongside a mental health first aid certification.

The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is a Youth Mental Health First Aid course. This training overlaps with a Standard Mental Health First Aid course in some ways, but deals with mental health challenges specifically or more commonly experienced by teenagers. For someone working with young people, such as a teacher or counsellor, holding both qualifications can be extremely beneficial.

Due to the nature of how disabling mental health problems can affect people, other general first aid qualifications are also useful.

Among these are a basic first aid course, or a CPR course. Other first aid course options include advanced first aid and first aid for remote or isolated settings.

Yes. New breakthroughs in how to recognise, respond to, and treat mental health issues are emerging all the time.

As such, a mental health first aid certificate effectively expires after a three-year period. If your job depends on holding a mental health first aid certificate, or you are your workplace’s mental health first aid officer or mental health first aider, taking a regular refresher training course is highly recommended.

Yes, our Mental Health First Aid course is nationally accredited. This accreditation ensures that the course meets the highest standards in mental health training.

Mental Health First Aid involves learning about providing mental health support to someone experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis. The course covers topics such as recognising signs and symptoms, communication strategies, and practical interventions to help individuals in need.